A peaceful text-heavy interactive story exploring sustainably tending to growth and community, featuring lo-fi beats, vaporwave aesthetics and a touching narrative. Set in Aotearoa (New Zealand), the game teaches both farming basics and gives a glimpse into Māori traditions.

Created over 48 hours for the Regenerate game jam.

Art: Michael Tsyatsko (@Amorph.studio)

Music: Anthony Richards (AnthonyRichards.itch.io)

Code: Loressa (loressa.itch.io)

Writing: Loressa

Design: Loressa, nzKieran (nzKieran.itch.io)

A special thanks to the hosts of the Regenerate jam for their education and guidance. 

Thanks to Wikipedia and the New Zealand government for external links.  

A very special thanks for the education and wisdom granted to us during this experience. 

Ngā mihi nui ki a kōutou kātoa ngā Rangatira who kindly contributed to and guided us in this mahi. 

We acknowledge and thank them, their ancestors and their warmth and openness in sharing their wisdom, knowledge and stories. 


- Aroha Healion and Tihikura Hohaia of Parihaka 

- Barry Soutar (Ngāti Porou)

- Hermione McCallum-Haire (Tūwharetoa) 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tagslofi, lofi-beats, Narrative, storygame, Text based, Twine, twine-game, vaporwave


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What a sweet story. I appreciated the blend between learning bits of Maori culture and allusions to mental health as well. Loved the background changing to reflect the player's garden. If I were to make a suggestion - I would love to have more background: where the main character is coming from, what city they moved to, the cultural and geographical differences they find between the two locations.

Overall a touching game! Congrats!

Thank you for the review! I might come back to this and expand it - the jam was only 48 hours, so I did have to cut content to meet the deadline but I absolutely agree that more details would enrich the story!


Hello! This is a very beautiful and relaxing game. I enjoyed reading and learning Maori words and customs. It made me interested to learn more. I hope you're proud of this game, as you should be! I also started learning Twine a few days ago.

Thank you for the lovely review! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I look forward to playing your first game!


This game reminded me of a mentored urban garden project we are doing supporting whanau with growing in whatever space they have including using bokashi. Love the collectiveness, and the sharing which is very Pacific as well, and the journey and the artwork was beautiful. It takes a village!

We are so glad you were able to find personal meaning and connection with this!


Beautiful story, art and music. Emotional. Well done. Thank you for being a part of the Jam. Ngā mihi nui ki a koe ^KT

Thank you for the kind comment!


I loved this game! The art and music were beautiful, and the story was so engaging with a lovely message. The end was so emotional! I liked being able to click on words to see their definitions and definitely learned from playing the game. Given more time it would've been fun to have more options when it came to tending the garden.

We definitely hit some scope limitations with the short timeline! I really want to add a few more conversations with neighbours and more mechanics.

I'm so happy you enjoyed it!